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Developed for you

We have developed Foldable thinking in you, whether you are a professional developer or an user.

Check below some of the features that Foldable includes for you.

CSS3 Powered

All animations and transitions use the efficiency and speed of CSS3


Driven by jQuery as a dependency.
Fallback to jQuery animate when CSS3 transitions are not supported


Fully tested on devices like mobiles & tablets.
Responsive styles adapted to devices.


Foldable brings you 12 built-in themes ready to use easily.

Pre-built animations

Foldable includes an extended list of pre-built CSS3 animations ready to use in your projects.


Just nest accordions into accordions without limits!


Update easily the URL hash toggling the accordion

Full CSS Control

Foldable comes with a multiple CSS state classes to allow you to control every accordion state


Automatically activate the accordion and let Foldable opens the groups by itself in intervals.
Can be stopped on an user action.


Exported in Universal Module Definition.
You can easily import it in many ways:
AMD, CommonJS and Browser global (from window)


Comes with a lot of methods and properties to make it fully operative.


Built-in events bindings to listen to every important action.
Choose between jQuery events or Vanilla Javascript events.


Foldable is fully documented with explanations, code examples and interactive examples.


Foldable is completly written in ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) and compiled in Vanilla Javascript.

Light weight

Foldable compiled an minimized is about only 30kb !
Only 8kb gzipped!

... and much more!

Navigate through the docs to learn much more about Foldable.

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